Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Have we met?

NAME: Geneva Serrano

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, New York (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, New York, USA to be exact)

TURN ONS: Motivation. Passion. Imagination. High heels. Red lips. Messy hair. Adventure. Dancing. Eye contact. Honesty. Originality. Style. Being able to pay all my bills!! Sheets fresh out of the laundry. Optimism. Geeks. Movies. Nice skin. A good shower. A genuine smile. Music. Laughter. Fearlessness. Wisdom. Compassion. Good food. Being near water. Simplicity. 

TURN OFFS: Complainers (we all have our moments). Bad hygiene. Liars. Know-it-alls.

FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD: This is soooo hard! I loved stationary. And I loved movies. I loved books. I liked making things. I had a barbie head who's hair I loved to do. And I loved makeup. That's what stands out in my mind.

FAVORITE TOY NOW: Ahem...lolol.....My phone! My new favorite app is Instagram (Android user here!)

3 FAVORITE ALBUMS: Not of all time and not in any particular order - I love Frank Oceans Nostalgia.Ultra mixtape...its back on rotation. A mix of Rihanna songs I put together - motivation at the gym. And this is not an album but I'm obsessed with my Wale station on Pandora and my Faith Evans station. 

3 FAVORITE BOOKS: Wicked. All the Harry Potter books. And anything by Rick Rordian. Adventure/Fantasy is def my favorite genre. I'm also a magazine addict because I'm such a visual person. I love reading but this was a tough question. Lol

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY SUPER POWER WHAT WOULD IT BE: Teleportation!! I love traveling but hate planes/airports. And I also live far from lots of the ppl I love. I'm also always late to work LOL Teleporting would buy me at least an hour a day!

MOST INSPIRED STATEMENT EVER HEARD OR SAID: They're really questions but they motivate me to always look forward and not be afraid. 1. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? 2. When was the last time you did something for the first time? I also read this once and posted it up on my desk: Be steadfast in the pursuit of your passions. Failure is not possible when we persevere and never stop trying. Never give up, regardless of temptations, frustrations, disappointments, or discouragements. Endure to the end. Get knocked down a hundred times, and bounce right back up and bring it. Theres no telling how many miles you have to run to capture your dream, but it is known that it is completely worth it. Quote: Where there is love, there is life - Mahatma Gandhi...Proves to be true everyday!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheesecake Diaries Archive: Petting Zoo

A collection of works by graphic artist Jasper Goodall's “Poster Girl” featured at London's Electric Blue Gallery in 2009.

"He explores the notion of fantasy versus reality, with a play on sexuality and fetishism." "Goodall says he drew inspiration from pop artist Allen Jones, but added his own twist to explore popular subjects of fetishism, for example, using cartoon characters like Bambi and Mickey Mouse to illustrate “fallen innocence” as a Goodall spin on the “sexualized nun”."

Goodall is an illustrator, photographer and fashion designer. His work is amazing. Bold and very sexy. You can check out for all the pieces from "Poster Girl".

Images via kanyewestuniverscity, DigestingDesigns and computerarts

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Build a Bridge and Get Over It!

Image via Trendhunter

Lol These are an awesome gag gift for the sensitive folks in your life or even a colorful reminder to yourself to suck it up.

Available at Urban Outfitters

Femme Fatale

Bad ass nails designed by Haus of Lacquer! She is hands down (pun intended) one of the most creative nail artists I have come by and I always look forward to seeing what fresh ideas she's going to come up with next. Her designs are so inspired, and of course eye catching. I've tweeted to her that she should design MINX or sell pre-designed nails for peepz that can't make it all the way out to Crown the Queens in Vancouver, Canada!! Super talented and I can totally see her designs translating to dope packaging or even accessories. Love seeing creative women doing what they love!! They keep me motivated.

Check out more designs from Haus of Lacquer here.
And make sure to follow @HausofLacquer and @crowntheQUEENS on twitter!!

Additional eye candy here from Crown the Queens!

How fkn HOT is that QUEENS TSHIRT - I am NOT a graphic t-shirt girl but I love, love, love it! I need one ASAP.

Just have to throw in how much I love the cheesecake vibe of their look book. ;-)

The Fly

Images via Atlantic-Pacific

I've been really feeling these reflective aviators lately. Love them in this Fly like effect as seen on bloggger, Blair Eadie. These are by Icing.