Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheesecake Diaries Archive: Petting Zoo

A collection of works by graphic artist Jasper Goodall's “Poster Girl” featured at London's Electric Blue Gallery in 2009.

"He explores the notion of fantasy versus reality, with a play on sexuality and fetishism." "Goodall says he drew inspiration from pop artist Allen Jones, but added his own twist to explore popular subjects of fetishism, for example, using cartoon characters like Bambi and Mickey Mouse to illustrate “fallen innocence” as a Goodall spin on the “sexualized nun”."

Goodall is an illustrator, photographer and fashion designer. His work is amazing. Bold and very sexy. You can check out for all the pieces from "Poster Girl".

Images via kanyewestuniverscity, DigestingDesigns and computerarts

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