Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Warrior Dash: Mud, Sweat, Beer

FYI - No, Warrior Dash is not a hardcore seasoning. Lol

I was in need of an adventure and jealous of my boyfriends upcoming Spartan Race (which I intend on running one day) when I heard of and decided to sign up for Warrior Dash with my uber athletic uncle. After a long, pleading, email thread it kinda snowballed into a family event. And here I am 7 weeks away from "The Event". Can I run? Yes. Have I ever done a race? No. Have I ever done an obstacle course? No. Am I nervous? Yes. Can I do it? F**k Yeah! I have no choice. I have a statement to make that feminine chicks can get sh*t done! I've mastered putting on a full face of makeup on a moving train, during rush hour, in NYC - After having ran to said train wearing heels, THAT'S GOTTA COUNT FOR SOMETHING. Xena was a Warrior PRINCESS - Always looked good, hair was never frizzy, face looked flawless. That how its done. Haha. Anyhow, August 13th is going to be memorable day.

The website says:
Welcome to America’s most insane race. Warrior Dash lands in New York for the second time in 2011 where 12 obstacles from hell await this 3.20 mile course. Are you a Warrior?
RACE LENGTH: 3.20 hellish miles

Some of the obstacles include jumping over fire, crawling in mud, running through tires, climbing cargo nets, and scaling a slate wall. At the end of those "3.20 hellish miles" (at a ski resort - think, hills!!!) you are rewarded with BEER! Nice and nutritious. Lol

There are also awards given out for top three men, top three women, best costume, and best warrior beard! I'm so looking forward to getting my custom medal after completing the race =)

Check out the website: and SIGN UP!

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