Friday, July 29, 2011

The MP3 Experiments aka Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are when a group of people pick a predetermined place and time to spontaneously (to other people who aren't participating) bust out in some kinda crazy pre-planned activity like a dance orrrrr taking off your pants on the subway. LOL These have become increasingly popular because they are an effective way to grab a large group of peoples attention and apparently they're also very fun. Target recently had a flash mob perform at one of their store locations. A group of dancers led by former American Idol contestant, Todrick Hall, broke out into a choreographed dance to Beyonce's, "Till the End of Time", in celebration of her new album, 4, which Target is currently carrying an exclusive, deluxe, version of. Improv Everywhere, the New York city based group responsible for the No Pants Subway Ride in which 5,000+ New Yorkers participated in this winter, has added a twist by using a download-able MP3 to direct these flash mobs in real time! Their website says that each event is usually 45 minutes long, and they do it once a year in New York. For more info and pics click here. You can just image how disruptive this could potentially be lol Aside from the MP3 Experiments the group has tons of "missions" on their website.

SO! Tell me would you be down to participate in one of these random activities?? LOL

Images via improveeverywhere

P.S. The No Pants Subway Ride took place in January this year and I remember it because my grandmother was going to take the train to church that day lol and we gave her a ride! Haha...Her comments would have been HILARIOUS. And I remember clearly, IT WAS FREEEEEEZING that day. Brave souls.

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