Friday, April 23, 2010

The Perfect LWD

Ahhh Spring. So my two favorite seasons are Spring and Fall....but my problem is by the time Im ready to start dressing for spring its summer and when I wanna dress for fall its effing winter. I can't win. Anddd I haven't put away seasonally appropriate clothes in years. I have no special tupperware bin to put away 30 degree clothes when its 75 outside. IN MY DEFENSE - This weather has been bananas for a while. Plus, Im a huge fan of layering and "leather in the summer, silk in the winter" - Andre 3000 MOVING ON! This spring there is one thing that I am lovvving; The perfect Little White Dress. You can wear it on its own, with a blazer, or a jean jacket. Its fresh! Here are some of my favvvs. I stress SOME; so many to choose so little time. WARNING: The following white garments will REQUIRE the proper undergarments. If you are not heavily invested in nude colored undies/bras/spanx DO NOT PROCEED!!

These images are courtesy of,,, and revolve clothing.

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