Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wicked Wisdom

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This was me this past weekend. Minus the fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories or "I'm too sexy..." body language, of course. I did however manage to make it TO the dentists office wearing new apricot lip gloss, winged eyeliner, a pompadour and ponytail, a crisp white linen button down, cuffed jeans and vintage leather loafers....I should have taken a photo!! But I digress....All the beautifying and styling did absolutely nothing to prepare me for my impacted wisdom tooth extraction aka mother effing hell.

It all started with an ear ache which then turned into a toothache which them turned into a whole faceache and me popping every type of OTC pain relief med and smearing whole dollops of Orajel on my teefs. If you are not familiar with the pain of a wisdom tooth busting out of your gums its like lighting and thunder inside of ur gums. Very angry, apocalyptic, lightning and thunder. Your teeth feel as if a boulder has been leaning on them for about two thousand years, just a little achy and cramped. And your head feels like its ready to explode from the pressure of just one too many teeth at the party. Its intense to say the least and I actually thought about taking the tooth out myself in the dark of the night, jacked up on Excedrin, with the wrench I keep in my bathroom to turn on the faucet (a whole nother story), a la 127 Hours. It was a desperate moment for me. The following day I made an appointment with the dentist, hoped for the best and expected the worse.

So when Dr. Kravets came back with my xrays and said "Its bad." I wasn't at all shocked. "Your wisdom tooth has to come out. Its impacted and pushing all your other bottom teeth causing pressure. Can you take it out now???" he asked. LOL Well I couldn't mostly because Warrior Dash was that weekend and I've been looking forward to that for months and all the arrangements had already been made. He gave me some antibiotics, I made my appointment for 10 days later, and went on my merry way. 24 HOURS LATER.....I changed my appointment for that Friday (the next available time). Needless to say I could not wait 10 days!

Is been 6 days since my extraction and I am still recovering. First of all getting an impacted tooth removed is gross. The actual extractions, even though I was terrified, was a piece of CAKE! When it was finally over I profusely thanked the doc. The recovery, however, sucks and you're paranoid about getting dry sockets or and infection. You can't really eat or speak too much. The not speaking part is not so bad...the not eating part is torture! No drinking though straws, no drinking alcohol, no spiting, no spicy foods, so on and so forth. Even the Percocet I looked forward to getting me through the first few days was a non factor when I realized you had to take them with FOOD, which I was baaarely able to consume. The hardest part had to be when my nurse/grandmother decided to make Hot Dogs and onions on Saturday -_- Really, Mama Lucy?! HOT DOGS!? FRESHLY MADE ONIONS!? It smelled sooo delicious. Maybe more delicious than usual just cuz I couldn't have any. When Sunday rolled around and she made spare ribs I was OVER the Lipton soup and ready to indulge in those ribs even if I had to grind them up with a rock! LOL My daily schedule consisted of icing my face, taking Motrin, drinking water, eating whatever I could that was liquid to semi-solid, watching copious amounts of television, and engaging in multiple Words with Friends games - when I wasn't sleeping of course.

I also just have to share how lucky I am for my grandmother, Mama Lucy. And just to clarify my above comments, she is not a real nurse. Lol She does think she is a medical expert, though, and most of her medical advice starts with "They say that..." or "Dijo Dr. Oz que..." and ends with "Its the best thing for your system!" She was just awesome beyond words this weekend and did everything in her power, as always, to make me comfortable. She wiped my tears, made me laugh(also very painful by the way Lol), cooked for me, and annoyed me just enough for good measure. I am so blessed to have her in my life and every minute I spend with her just fills me up to the brim with all sorts of happy, shiny, feelings!

Anyhow so the last two weeks and lack of posts have been due to a wicked wisdom tooth and now that I am not using up all my Jedi mind tricks to get me through the pain I'm looking forward to getting back a more reasonably scheduled posting program.

Thanks for visiting even when I had nothing to share =D

P.S. The model in the photo is Crystal Renn, the editorial was shot by Tom Ford, and it was featured in French Vogue. ;-)

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