Friday, May 14, 2010

Im Crushin' On Me.......and Crystal Renn

Let me present to you the Miami heat that is Crystal Renn. She's super hot and a plus-sized high fashion Model. I had previously mentioned to you guys I wanted to write a post about body image and just in the nick of time I came across some amazing photos of Crystal that are the perfect example of a woman who is comfortable with her body and oozes sex appeal. Crystal, like many of us, also struggled with her weight. Sad Statistic: From 2002 to 2005, there were an average of 150 deaths per year related to eating disorders. It effects men, women and children alike! To read more about Crystals story follow the links: or

Im a self professed magazine freak. I need constant visual stimulation to survive, creatively speaking. Seeing all these amazingly aribrushed women can take a toll on you - even when you know there is a lot of "magic" behind the production of photoshoots. "Magic" being photoshop, amazing lighting, make-up artists, hair stylists, stylists, tape, safety-pins, and anything else you could think of. Recently we've been seeing a tiny bit of an anti-photoshop movement, most recently with Kim Kardashian, the queen of primp, posing for both Harpers Bazaar and In Syle sans make-up and photo retouching...A move I commend. HOWEVER!! Not everyone looks like Kimmy, but I digress. I think the main idea is to get girls, and women alike, to learn acceptance of their physical appreance and to also come to terms with they idea that they are in total control of their own image. You are what you BELIEVE you are. While finding inspiration in other women can be great we have to be careful to not impose impossible standards on ourselves. Love the body you were born with! It is yours and there is no other one like it! Treat it well and it will return the favor! I think the best piece of advice I could offer to people feeling "ehhh" about their jiggly bits is to learn yourself. Take the time to find clothing that flatters you and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Focus on all the things you LOVE about yourself instead of all the things that make you crazy. Try new make-up techniques. Pamper yourself...Tell yourself "I'm a bombshell!"

I am totally guily of having insecurities about my weight, or my nose, or whatever other random part of my body but seeing images of Crystal really put things in prespective for me...To me her photos have more to do with the energy she was exuding than anything. She was giving some serious attitude!! Which makes me feel silly about my complaints, however normal (or they may be. On the other side of the scale, pun intended (hee hee), are women who are naturally very very thin and would LOOVE to be voluptous. I look at Zoe Saldana, who is crazy thin, and see a woman completely at ease with herself, who struts proudly on the red carpet. That to me is what makes her so sexy.

I guess the point Im trying to get at with all this "Dove Beauty Campaign" stuff is 1) Be the person to set the standards to which you live your life! Don't let anyone tell you who or what you should be. Perception is relative. What other people find important or beautiful or special doesn't always have to be in line with what is important to you. 2) Be the apple of your own eye! Treat yourself well. The way you treat yourself sets the standard for how other will treat you. 3) Be thankful and aprreciative of whatever deck of cards you have been dealt. Be thankful for your health, for your friends, for your family, ect.

Now onto some sexinessss.....Here are some of my yummy plus size model friends.

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