Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About Face: Make-up Artist Bloggers Extrordinaire

Make-up is something that I have always loved. I cant exactly pinpoint when my passion reached its height but it was probably a few months ago when I started watching tutorials on youtube....or maybe YEARS ago when I would enviously watch my mom, aunts, and grandmother rock red lipstick (one of my obsessions)like it was a neutral. There are so many talented people on youtube its absolutely ridiculous. Once I was able to get a step-by-step rundown on how to create some deliciously dramatic looks I was hooked!! Even my boyfriend would watch some of these artists with me, in awe of their ability to completely transform themselves. I started stocking up on product and then I got my first mini freelance brush kit from MAC for christmas (courtesy of the beau). After getting the tools I got into it even more. Its really fun to get glammed up and its almost theraputic; the way painting can be to an artist.

Here is a run down of two of my faves!!

1) The Ladies of Pixiwoo: Samantha & Nicola Chapman
They're looks vary from super feminine to super fierce and they even dable in some fantasy looks. I personally love their celebrity looks recreations. The tutorials are great and clearrrr and they give a full list of products they use. I also love how they even "freestyle" through some of the tutorials. They're relaxed attitude makes you feel confident to try new techniques and looks without feeling like ur going to ruin something. Bonus: They're gorgeous!

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2) Petrilude: THERE ARE NO RULES!
Pertrilude aka Josh aka Figa (Long story according to him) was really the first make-up artist to capture my attention with his incredible talent. At this point I wasn't even attempting to try anything I was just watching him!! He is absolutey creative which to me sets him aside. Its easy to copy looks but to be completely inspired by something and create something new and fresh from that is quite another. He defintiely takes make-up artistry to the next level; He has quite an imagination especially when it come to his more "costumey" looks. Perfect for Halloween. Bonus: He does drag and he is FEROSH!
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