Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am doing something seriously r-o-n-g wrong. Smh. The Queen of Pop at 52 years of age...about to be 53! AND NO PHOTOSHOP(Peep the fishnet imprint on her hip). She is all types of fierce. Go Madge! The irony of this post is that I was out sick from work yesterday and I wanted to write a post about body image (after spending part of my day at Spa Castle in the buff)....Im still writing that post and it will actually be the perfect follow up to this one...cuz her body is not normal. Lol.

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  1. Madonna, Madonna, Madonna - Not only do I love her body and how well she has taken care of herself, she inspired me in my younger years. I would practice all her dance moves and learn all the lyrics to her songs! lol tried her fashion trends as well. So happy i was part of that Era. - Way-to-go Madge! - and yeah the body is crazy!!!! :)