Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm a Mobsta' for Lobsta

Its a crappy picture but you get the point. I was trying to eat it, not have a photoshoot! Lol

A co-worker recommended for me to check out a spot in L.E.S. called Luke's Lobster. They are famed for their affordable, delicious and fresh Lobster Rolls straight from Maine! It was on my to do list for weeeeks and I had been craving seafood so I made it a point to check it out last week. ALLL week long I looked forward to Friday (also Date Day with the Beau)to get myself some lobster rolls. I found out they mobilize a Nauti Truck everyday to different locales throughout the city to serve the masses. As tempted as I was to run to a truck I wanted to share the experience of the first bite with my boyfriend so I waited.

Friday finally arrived! I had my pre-ordered HP7 tickets in hand (Yes I am a PotterHead)and to sweeten the day even further the Nauti Truck was going to be close to the theater!

So Im in my amazing seats waiting for the trailers to start, checking tweets and THE TRUCK SOLD OUT OF FOOD!!!! Isn't that insane. Nothing was going to stop me from getting my roll so I headed down the the 7th street location (b/w 1st ave and Ave A).

Ahhh it was so worth the wait! We ordered the Taste of Maine for two and feasted. It was deeeelish. The lobster rolls and shrimp rolls were my favorite.

If you're into seafood you should check them out! Lukeslobster.com

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  1. Never been there but was told it was delish!!!