Tuesday, June 7, 2011

25 Things You Dont Know About Moi!

I always see these pieces in the weeklies with stars listing out 25 "facts" we commoners dont know about them...I've also see similar posts on FB and I thought it would be a good exercise to just try to think of 25 things people don't know about me. And Im trying to dig deep because by "people" I am referring to a very tight group lol who know more about me than I do Lol

So here we go! (and in no particular order that makes any sense)

1. I have very flexible toes. They're pretty to look at but are "strong like bull". Lol I was a panda in another life or a chimp.

2. I HATE H.A.T.E. runny eggs and linty towels. Grrrr. Those two things literally make me growl.

3. Strawberry's are my favorite fruit.

4. When I wake up in the morning I try to stay in bed longer in 5 minute intervals. lol So if I open my eyes at 7:22 am I say to myself "Ok at 7:25 I will get up" and so on and so forth until its 830 am and I am running like a bat out of hell through out my apartment trying to get ready. I think I like the excitement of running late or something. I mean who purposely over sleeps?! LOL IS THIS EVEN A FACT?! NO. Its. Not. Cuz when its time to #grind - I get that ass up!

5. I like to try new dishes at restaurants and as a result I dont always come out #winning but its ok.

6. I have issues with typos. Even if I know that you know what Im trying to say it makes me crazy. Lol

7. When Im angry I pout and/or clean.

8. My bathroom MUST be clean and the sink must be dry.

9. I wear all my clothes year round. There is no winter vs. summer. (This excludes sweaters and coats obvsly)

10. The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie.

11. Im obsessive about wearing earrings. I always have to pair on! Always.

12. I love sci-fi and fantasy movies.

13. Fashion cures everything for me. If I was stranded and dehydrated in the desert and ran into a Zara pop-up shop...I'd muster up the strength to systematically browse and analyze the selection.

14. I've only shopped online less than a handful of times.

15. I day dream sometimes about being an action hero that kicks ass and shoots gun.

16. I get tired of being diplomatic. It takes a lot of energy. Sometimes I just wanna say the first thing that comes to mind and that usually not the best thing.

17. I love to observe. I love observing people and observing trends as they happen. The only downside to that is that sometimes I feel like I should be participating more than observing...but its all a work in progress.

18. I love to collect. I LOVE to collect beautiful, inspiring images and save them all in one file and go back to it regularly for reference. Its a self made image library specific to me and what moves me and speaks to me and its one of the most important tools for my work and also brings much joy to my spirit. I love beautiful things and people and I don't need to possess them to appreciate them.

19. I wish I had a green thumb. I don't think its exactly a black thumb but a girl can do but so much with a fire escape facing north and no direct sunlight.

20. Im scared of the ocean. The further away from land the more scared I am. And Im a swimmer!!

21. Mavis Beacon (look it up) helped me become a good typist. And I also enjoy typing.

22. I believe in hand written letters and notes. Snail mail. Memorizing telephone numbers. Basic television. Newspapers. Tap water. Non-organic foods. Ceiling fans and open windows.

23. When I was in Junior High School my little brother and I watched Austin Powers on VHS.....every single night for a very long time. #nothealthy

24. I wish I was a gamer.

25. I try to always start my day by saying "good morning" even if I say it a little late I think its important and sets the tone for the day.

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  1. SOOO...I'm gonna comment by #.....(fyi this is my 2nd time doing this, I was proof reading and it got erased...hmmph)

    #2:I have witnessed the rage that is the outcome due to these 2 things...ur very specific when u order and the deli always gets it wrong lol

    #4:I hate weird wake-up times too.....it should be against the rules to have all those extra #'s lol

    #10:hey u can't steal my movie...lol...I was blasting "Part of This World" on the Willy B the other day:D

    #11:I feel u on this, I feel naked w/o them, they are a must!

    #14: this is funny cuz your cyber shopping bag is always odeee full...like u got OPRAH $ lol

    #20: u'z a damn liar (maybe)...u were damn near in Venezuela, you were so far out when we went to ARUBA...u made me nervous and I am also a swimmer :)

    #21: Mavis was our B!%&#...we used to fight to play round for round...it was our ish

    #23: I AM A WITNESS....I'M TESTIFYING LOL.....I would stay over and wake up at random times to either fat bastard, the credits, or awoken by that bloody blue screen that appears when the VHS is at it's end...and I stayed over a lot so this was a daily occurrence!

    P.S.....and because u and I share #6: I made sure this had no typos..if it did I fixed it lol

    Love ur Bestie