Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I really L O V E this but.....

To my knowledge, so far, Bey has graced the cover of Essence, Billboard (twice), Dazed & Confused, W Magazine, and last but most certainly not least, L'uomo Vogue. (Not in any kind of chronological order) While I LOVE most of the editorials I do find it kind of contrived that they are all coinciding with the release of her new album, 4. And there's a lot of them!

I haven't quite figured out how to explain why I find it annoying but I dont wanna delay this post with thinking lol

MOVING ON! Here is what I think is my favorite one so far! From her W mag spread. Love the makeup and thinking of sharing some shots of my own make-up inspired by the below. Absolutely Love the saturated colors too....This editorial does what its supposed to do - inspire. Greatly shot,styled and photographed. Period.

Images via Bossip.com

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