Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm obviously having a moment with abstract expressionism. And maybe its because I'm looking for an awesome piece of art for my living room. Or simply because I am a fan of color and one of the most beautiful aspects of street art and fine art alike can be color.

JMR is an artist whose work I've seen on a regular basis on Johnson Ave in the Williamsburg/Bushwick section of Brooklyn for a while now. I mostly passed his mural in a car so I could never actually make a signature out but I knew that if I ever bought a piece of artwork I would love a piece by THAT artist. After passing the mural on Father's Day I made is a point to try to make out any signature if any at all and find out WHHHOOOO DID THIS!?!?!. Mission accomplished!

Here is a quick bio from JMR's tumblr,

The Artwork of JMR–
JM Rizzi, or better known as JMR, has adapted a unique mixture of neo-abstract expressionism with hints of contemporary pop to create a style all is own. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, JMR has grown up with the influences of street art and the established art world constantly around him. Through his own individual, hybrid street style, he has dedicated himself to helping art fit into the outside world.

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